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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Shoulder strengthening is commonly performed at the gym or at home.  When working out I like to perform complex motions to target multiple muscle groups or to strengthen the muscle in a functional movement pattern.  When you are performing a shoulder press exercise it is very good for working the specific muscles you are trying to target, the Deltoids.  On the other hand this exercise does not do a good job at training the body to use these muscles in correlation with other muscles that you use to perform your every day activities.  I am attaching five videos with explanations and demonstrations for how to perform these.  The first exercise is an Arnold Press.  The Arnold Press exercise is a great exercise for working the shoulders, and unlike most shoulder press exercises this works all 3 heads of the Deltoid muscle.  The Arnold press is not an example of a functional strengthening exercise but it is a great way to target all 3 heads of the deltoid compared to only targeting one head of the deltoid.  The second exercise I am attaching is the Chop and Lift exercise.  This exercise is great for developing shoulder strength and shoulder stability. The third exercise I am attaching is The Sword exercise.  This exercise is designed to work the posterior portion of the shoulder blade muscles and the deltoid.  The Seatbelt Exercise is the next exercise video we will cover.  This is called The Seatbelt Exercise because it is a similar motion to what you do when you are putting your seat belt on. This exercise is designed to work the middle and lower portion of the trapezius and the posterior head of the deltoid.  The Shoulder Matrix Exercise is the final shoulder exercise we will discuss.  This series incorporates multiple exercises in multiple planes of motion.  This exercise involves a modified shoulder press to decrease tension and load on the shoulder.

Arnold Press Exercise:

Chop and Lift Exercise: 

The Sword Exercise:

The Seatbelt Exercise:

The Shoulder Matrix Exercise:

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