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Our clinic specializes in successfully treating athletic injuries, pregnancy related pain, peripheral nerve entrapments (numbness in the extremities), jaw joint problems (TMJ), and headaches. These are also great topics for questions, in additon to those on general injuries, athletic performance enhancement, and nutritional advice.

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pregnancy Related Back Pain

Did you know that Pregnancy is the Number 1 cause of low back pain for women?  

Low back and pelvic pain during pregnancy can usually be managed or prevented with safe, drug free treatments.  At our clinic, we use treatments for joints, soft tissue release, and at home exercises that focus on strengthening weak muscles and lengthening short muscles.  

Active Release Technique is considered the "Gold Standard" in soft tissue treatment and is one of the key tools we use to help decrease this painful condition.  The goal of Active Release Technique is to permanantly strip away scar tissue that accumulated in injured areas.  

Many Patients have had great success from our treatments, Here are some testimonials. 

"I am also coming to him for my 2nd pregnancy to help with hip pain issues.  he is truly a master at what he does! I wouldn't trust anyone else with my body at such a special time!"

"I have big babies and Dr. Kirk helped me feel great throughout the entierety of my secondy pregnancy"

If you or anyone you know is pregnant it is never too early or too late to start getting treatment to help decrease your risk for developing low back pain, or helping to decrease any low back pain you currently may be having.  

Dr. Kirk Iodice
Dr. Robert sindorf
Advanced chiropractic and Rehab
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Monday, July 1, 2013

Did You Know We Treat "JAW PAIN"

If you or anyone you know has jaw pain it may be TMJ dysfunction.  Most people do not know we treat this condition, but we have a great success rate with treating this condition.  

When the Jaw joint or the TMJ joint doesn't work properly it leads to tracking problems, clicking, and popping when opening or closing the jaw, pressure in the ears, and headaches.  It is well documented there is a correlation with TMJ dysfunction and tight muscles around the head and neck.  

Active Release Technique is one of the most effective treatments for soft tissue injuries and to break up scar tissue in tight muscles.  Treatments are brief and involve shortening a muscle or other structure, pressing on specific points, and stretching that area.  Most effects can be noticed immediately.  

Research has found 1/3 of patients with neck pain is related to TMJ dysfunction.  We have a high success rate with treating this condition so contact our clinic to come in so we can help you.

Dr. Kirk Iodice
Dr. Robert Sindorf
Advanced Chiropractic and Rehab
20160 W. 153rd St
Olathe, KS 66062