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Monday, June 24, 2013

What is an Overuse Injury?

Overuse injuries can result from multiple different causes.  An overuse injury can also affect multiple different soft tissues such as: muscle, ligament, tendon, and fascia.

There are three key ways that overuse injuries affect these soft tissues.

  1. Acute Conditions:  this collective term for injury includes tears, pulls, and strains.
  2. Micro Trauma: this is a long term build up of small tears in the muscles.
  3. Low oxygen: If a soft tissue does not have enough oxygen delivered it can not function the way that it is required to.  This is usually a side effect of localized injury, such as chronic tightness.
These three conditions are much more common than you would think.  When you have one of these soft tissue injuries the body will try to heal it with scar tissue.  That is correct, just like scar tissue that you see on your skin when you have an injury, you have this same scar tissue build up in muscle when it is injured.

The GREAT news for patients at Advanced Chiropractic and Rehab is that by utilizing advanced soft tissue techniques such as: Active Release Technique A.R.T., Graston, FAKTR, and Kinesiotaping; Dr. Iodice and Dr. Sindorf are capable of quickly helping patients get healthy and stay healthy.  

If you or any friends could benefit from these services make sure you make an appointment.

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