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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Clams and Gluteus Maximus Bridge Exercises

The clam strengthens your gluteus medius and helps with hip stability.

1. Lie on your side, with your legs slightly bent at the knees with ankles, hips, and shoulders in a line. The head should rest on the down arm.
2. Your top hand is placed on your hip with thumb over the glute med.
3. Lift your knee up as if someone has tied a string to your knee and is gently pulling it straight up.
4. Lift for a 1 count and returns for a 3 count.
5. If done correctly, you should feel contraction under the thumb and nothing in the lateral leg.
6. Repeat for 30 reps/side total.

If you feel more in the lateral leg, then the knees are bent too much. It does not matter how high the leg is lifted, as long as the contraction is felt under the thumb. Things to avoid include: rocking of the pelvis backwards, the ankles coming apart, or the ankles, hips and shoulders not being in line.

The gluteus maximus bridge strengthen your gluteus muscles and core.

1. Begin by lying on your back, knees bent to 90o and arms at your side
2. Squeeze your glute muscles together. Imagine you are squeezing a coin between your checks.
3. Then lift your pelvis and back off the ground trying to solely use the glute muscles. The thighs and legs should be in a straight line.
4. Lifts for a 1 second count. This position is held for 5-10 secs. The patient then returns to the ground slowly. 5. Once the glutes touch the ground, the patient lifts again.
6. The patient should be “squeezing the coin” the entire way up, but not on the way down.
7. Repeat for 30 reps.
Things to avoid include: Extending of the low back, contraction of the hamstrings and back muscles, relaxation of the glutes while holding for 5-10 count.