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Monday, May 24, 2010

Shoulder Matrix

This video covers a series of exercises strung together into what's called a "matrix." If you're familiar with workout terminology, you may have heard this concept referred to as a "super set." The difference here is that a matrix typically incorporates multiple planes of motion. This makes the exercise more like what our bodies must actually do in certain sports or activities. Our exercises in the gym rarely mirror what our bodies must endure during activity. Through incorporating multiple planes of motion and coordinating body regions, we are able to make our activities more functional (and fun!). The intent of these exercises is to serve as an alternate to "flyes." Typically, one must perform flyes in front, to the side and reverse flyes to exercise all 3 heads of the deltoid (anterior, middle, posterior). If performed correctly, this exercise will work the entire upper shoulder girdle (including the deltoid), as well as work the core and legs to a lesser degree.

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